Alan d founder Alan Hemmings next to Alan d director Edward Hemmings

The Alan d Story – Fifty Five Years in Hairdressing

Prologue written by Edward Hemmings (in 2015)

So after threatening for the last 10 years, Alan has finally written his memoirs! Over the last few months, he has tried to put down in words the key events in a 55 year career.

Everything; every detail, every event and every story is true. I know Alan better than most; except my long-suffering Mum, who together with Alan celebrate 49 years of marriage this June. He hasn’t dropped a few years here and there to make himself appear a little younger, the people he talks about are all genuine folk he has worked and spent time with, some I still remember as a child. The passion which is as strong now as it apparently was in 1960 is unwavering.

All I ask is that you read it as we blog it each couple of weeks and please laugh, cry, shout, but most of all please comment. And for the record and for the 28th time Alan, I definitely left school in 1990.