Alan Hemmings 60th Birthday Celebration

60 YEARS in the Hairdressing Industry

Join us on Instagram Thursday 20th August 3pm for a love celebration.

August 22nd 1960… see Chapter 2 of my Biography. Life in the best industry in the world… 10 fingers, a pair of scissors, a blow-dryer and the ability to communicate. That is the gift of learning to be a hairdresser or barber.

I haven’t actually written an update to my Biography since 2017 when I did a piece on my mentor, Eric Fielding RIP. Since then:

  • I’ve had back surgery for the second time
  • Finally sold my Central London apartment & moved to the North London suburbs
  • Endured the last 6 months of Covid doom and gloom

And now we’re all back to the new normal. Personally I preferred the old but as we all know, especially hairdressers, we move with the times. Employers are calling us with their new Apprentice enrolments, stylists & barbers are talking about up-skilling and the best news of all, career-changers are calling us to talk about their ambition to train to be a hairdresser or barber.

I’ve been involved for so long but when I look back, what’s changed? They’ve tried shampoo machines, on-line do-it-yourself haircuts and colouring, teach yourself “how to be anything you want to be” but at the end of the day the hairdresser or barber will never be replaced; and suddenly we’re not being taken for granted any more. In all my years I cannot remember so much positive comment about us. Long may it continue!

I’d also like to take this opportunity of thanking the people who have been the constant in the last wonderful, 60 best years of my life; my wife Bonnie, son Edward, daughter Katy; All the Team, Kevin, Gitta, Shejal, Elke, Jay, Yaz, Claude, Katie, Stacey, Lina, Nadine and Hanisah. Without their loyalty, good humour and amazing ability together with more than 170 years of service between them, our business would never be at the level it is today. Thank you, everyone!


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