FAQs – Private Hairdressing & Barbering Courses

If you’re thinking of applying for one of our private hairdressing or barbering courses at our London or Ipswich hair academies, check out our FAQs below where we answer the most commonly asked questions by students. For further information about our courses, please call us on 020 7634 9400 or email enquiries@aland.co.uk.

Do I need specific qualifications to apply for one of your courses?
The good news is that you don’t need any particular qualifications to join any of our courses. All you’ll require is motivation, enthusiasm for hairdressing or barbering, and a willingness to learn.

How long are your full-time hairdressing and barbering courses?
Every course is different, and some require a longer period of learning than others. For example, our foundation courses are shorter than our advanced courses, as they’re less intensive. Anticipate learning for a period of five to 26 weeks, depending on the level / qualification chosen.

Do you have any part-time hairdressing and barbering courses?
All our private courses can be taken part-time, which means you’ll be able to continue working whilst you learn with us. This is a great option for those that still need to earn whilst training for a new career.

How much theory and practical work is included in your courses?
Most of the work is practical, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice your skills. However, some of your classes will cover theory too, so be prepared.

Will I need to sit an exam at the end of my course?
None of our hairdressing or barbering courses include a final exam. Instead, we assess your performance continuously throughout the duration of your course.

Will I receive certification once I complete one of your courses?
Upon completion of your course, you’ll receive Alan d Certification and/ or an officially recognised VTCT certificate. This provides you with the perfect starting point for beginning your career in the industry.

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