5 Days


The Barber Refresher Course

This is the Alan d signature course.

This barber refresher course is for Barbers returning to the industry who would like to polish up their skills, or experienced Barbers who feel “bogged down” with their everyday routine & are looking for inspiration. It is also for those Ladies Hairdressers who have never been formally trained in the latest Barbering techniques.

This confidence building course is also designed for young Barbers who have just completed initial training & wish to improve their confidence levels as well as basic techniques.

Those wanting to refresh their cutting skills are taken back to basics on their first day working on a dummy head, following the 5 Alan d Foundation Barber haircuts before moving on to live models. Clippering, Fading, Beard & Moustache trimming are practised on dummy heads as well as live models.

Wet-shaving can be included as an extra-cost option.

Courses begin weekly throughout the year.

Alan d certification is awarded on completion of the course. You can take the barber refresher course at both our London barbering school and Ipswich barbering school.

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