Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering – inc. Wet Shaving

COURSE LENGTH: 12 weeks (60 days)

This Beginners Barbering Course is aimed at those looking to be work-ready upon completion and working towards an internationally recognised Barbering qualification. After an initial induction, on day 2 you will learn to cut & style utilising the 5 Alan d Foundation haircuts  before moving on to the practical elements of Barbering, incorporating all the latest techniques using scissors, scissor-over-comb, clippers & trimmers and learning beard and moustache trimming and wet shaving.

Client care, shampooing, blowdrying & Barbershop protocol all form part of your Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering. You’ll be taught on both dummy heads & live models.

Alan d & VTCT Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering certification is awarded on completion of the course.

Course Price:

£7,200 inc VAT


+ VTCT Reg. Fee & equipment


£1,000 deposit and 10 weekly payments of £620

Beginners Barbering Course Dates:


January 8 / February 5 / March 4 / April 2/ April 29
May 28 / June 24 / July 22 / August 19 / September 16
October 14 / November 11 / December 9

Our Barbering Academy

Located in the heart of London, our London Barbering School in Barbican is easily accessible by public transport. Here you’ll learn everything needed to start your career in Barbering, practising on both dummy heads and live models in a realistic working environment.


Do I need any qualifications to take your Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering Course?
No, you don’t need any specific qualifications to take this course, it’s ideal for those looking for entry into the Barbering industry. Spoken English is essential.

Can I take this course part-time?
Yes, our Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering Course can be taken part-time. To complete the course, you must attend at least 3 consecutive days per week.

What is the difference between your Level 3 Diploma in Barbering and Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering Courses?
Both are Beginners Barbering Courses but the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering Course is 50% longer, with more in-depth training than the Level 3 Diploma in Barbering. It also include Wet Shaving.

What will this course allow me to do on the Barbershop floor?
This course aims to get you work-ready. You’ll receive both theory and practical training on this course. You’ll be cutting hair on day 2 and then moving onto scissor-over-comb, clipper & trimmer work, beard & moustache trimming, shampooing and more.

Do you have a Barbering course that includes Ladies Hairdressing?
Yes, we have a Level 3 Diploma in Hairdressing & Barbering and our Masterclass – Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Hairdressing & Barbering Course – for those wanting to learn both Ladies Hairdressing & Barbering.

What other courses can I take to further my Barbering education?
After completing this course, you could take one of our Intermediate Barbering Courses#ONTHEFLOOR and The Refresher/Confidence Builder, to enhance your existing skills and give you extra confidence on the Barbershop or Salon floor.

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