Level 3 Diploma in Barbering

COURSE LENGTH: 8 weeks (40 days)
This is an ideal part-time course.

The VTCT Level 3 Diploma is a part time barbering course is aimed at those looking for a part-time entry into the world of Barbering.

This VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Barbering course has all the practical elements you need to become work-ready. It can be part-time – a minimum of 3 consecutive days per week, leaving you free to work the rest of the week! The part time barbering course can fit around your working schedule.

With a recognised qualification, this VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Barbering course has all the practical work you need to be a work-ready Barber. After an initial induction, on day 2 you will learn to cut & style utilising the 5 Alan d foundation haircuts before moving on to the practical elements of Barbering, incorporating all the latest techniques using scissors, scissor-over-comb, clipper work, beard and moustache trimming, client care, shampooing, blow-drying and barber-shop protocol. You may choose to add wet-shaving as an extra cost option. You will be taught on both dummy heads and live models.

VTCT & Alan d certification is awarded on completion of the course.

The Level 3 Diploma in Barbering can be taken at both our London and Ipswich barbering schools.

Beginners Barbering Course Dates:


January 10 / February 14 / March 21 / April 25
May 30 / July 4 / August 8 / September 12
October 17 / November 21 / December 12

Course Price:


Less 10%: £400
Cost of course with promo: £3,600
+ VTCT Reg. Fee & equipment


£1,000 deposit and 5 weekly payments of £600

Our Barbering Academies

Our Level 3 Diploma in Barbering Course can be taken at both our London and Ipswich Barbering Schools.

Situated in the heart of London, Farringdon, our City of London Barbering School is the perfect place to start your Barbering career. You will be learning from some of the top Barber trainers in the industry, using professional Barbering products and tools.

Our Ipswich Barbering School can be found in Central Ipswich and is ideal for those wanting to become a Barber in East Anglia. As Suffolk’s Leading Barbering School, you will learn in a realistic Barbershop environment.


Do I need any qualifications to take your Level 3 Diploma in Barbering Course?
No, you don’t need any specific qualifications to take this Beginners Barbering Course however spoken English is essential.

Can I take this course part-time?
Yes, you can take our Level 3 Diploma in Barbering Course part-time. You must attend classes at least 3 consecutive days per week to complete the course.

Does this course contain both theory and practical Barber training?
Yes, you’ll receive both theory and practical training on this course. You’ll be cutting hair on day 2 and then moving onto scissor-over-comb, clipper & trimmer work, beard & moustache trimming, shampooing and more.

Is the VCTC & Alan d Level 3 Diploma in Barbering certificate industry recognised?
Yes, the certificate is industry and internationally recognised, allowing you to work in the barbering industry almost anywhere in the world.

What is the difference between your NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma in Barbering Courses?
Our Level 2 NVQ in Barbering Course is 50% longer than our Level 3 Diploma in Barbering and is much more in-depth. It also includes Wet Shaving.

Do you have more Advanced Barbering Courses?
Yes, for newly qualified Barbers and experienced stylists, we offer a range of Intermediate Barbering Courses such as #ONTHEFLOOR and The Refresher/Confidence Builder. These aim to help you brush up on existing skills and build your confidence on the Barbershop or Salon floor. For experienced Barbers, we also have some Advanced Barbering Courses.

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