8 Weeks Comprehensive Hair Cutting & Hair Colouring Course for Beginners

COURSE LENGTH: 8 weeks (40 days)

This 8 Week Cutting & Colouring course is for those new to the industry who want a completely practical hair cutting and hair colouring course. It can also be for those whose basic hairdressing training was not comprehensive enough in both cutting & colouring techniques.

After an initial induction, on day 2 you will learn the 9 Alan d foundation haircuts together with a variety of finishing techniques as well as shampooing, blow-drying, cutting & styling, client care & salon protocol. After 4 weeks (20 days) you will then move on to a 4 week (20 days) hair colouring course covering basic product knowledge, root coverage, full-head colour, foils, meche and balayage. You will train on both dummy heads & live models.

This course has minimal theory and no online testing. The Alan d Comprehensive Cutting & Colouring Course for Beginners certificate is awarded on completion.

You can take our 8 weeks Comprehensive Cutting & Colouring course at both our London and Ipswich hairdressing schools.

Beginners Hairdressing Course Dates:


January 10 / February 14 / March 21 / April 25
May 30 / July 4 / August 8 / September 12
October 17 / November 21 / December 12

Course Price:


Less 10%: £530
Cost of course with promo: £4,770


£1,000 deposit and 5 weekly payments of £860

Our Hairdressing Academies

Our 8 Weeks Comprehensive Hair Cutting & Hair Colouring Course can be taken at both our London and Ipswich Hairdressing Schools.

Located in the heart of London, Farringdon, our London Hairdressing School is the perfect learning environment for those starting their career in Hairdressing. You’ll be learning in a fully fitted salon environment and use salon professional products and tools

Our Ipswich Hairdressing School is in Queen Street, Central Ipswich, making it easily accessible by public transport or car. As Suffolk’s leading Hairdressing and Barbering Academy, you will receive excellent training using the latest hair colouring products, treatments and styling and cutting tools.


Do I need any qualifications to apply for your Comprehensive Hair Cutting and Hair Colouring Course?
No, you don’t need any qualifications for this Beginners Hairdressing Course. However, spoken English is essential.

Can I take this course part-time?
Yes, you can take our Comprehensive Hair Cutting and Hair Colouring Course part-time. To complete the course, you’ll need to attend classes at least 3 consecutive days per week.

Is this course suitable for someone who hasn’t done any previous Hairdressing training?
Yes, this course is ideal for newcomers as well as those who’ve had some basic training in cutting and colouring but felt this training wasn’t comprehensive enough.

Is the Alan d Comprehensive Cutting & Colouring Course for Beginners certificate industry recognised?
Yes, our certificate is industry recognised and a great way to start your Hairdressing career.

Which hair colour products do you use in this course?
We use salon-only professional brands to ensure you learn with the products used by professional Hairdressers. This will allow you to have experience using these products and gain vital product knowledge.

Will I be work-ready after completing this course?
You will have the basic knowledge to work on the Salon floor. However, you could expand your skillset and take one of our Level 3 Diplomas or Level 2 NVQ Hairdressing Courses. These courses can help you work towards becoming a fully qualified new stylist.

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