Your benefit as the Salon or Barbershop Owner:

The business owner has the opportunity to evaluate whether the selected Trainee (preferably aged 16-18) is suitable for their business before committing them to an Apprenticeship programme & a contract of employment.

What you must do:

Traineeships require no salary to be paid. However, we recommend that a minimum of £20 a day is offered to the Trainee to cover travel and food costs.

You must offer high quality work experience to the Trainee over a period of up to 13 weeks, including releasing them for 1 day a week so they can attend the Alan d Hairdressing Academy.

You must ensure that the Trainee gets a constructive interview at the end of their Traineeship programme and provide positive feedback so they may apply elsewhere should you decide they are not suitable for your business.

What we do for you as the Training provider:

Alan d & Central will help you develop the Trainee into a well-motivated, highly productive member of your team, capable of advancing on to our Level 2 Diploma for Hair Professionals & beyond.

How will we do this?

In order to ensure the Trainee remains committed and motivated throughout their Traineeship, we have created a qualification that will benefit both you and them.

The Qualification

The Qualification gained is an exclusive Alan d Hairdressing Education Traineeship Certificate, consisting of 4 practical modules selected by our Education Team.

1) Shampoo and treat hair

The Trainee will learn to analyse the hair and scalp, learning how shampoo and conditioner work. They will then move on to massage techniques required to carry out the service before finally learning how to detangle hair correctly.

2) Blow-dry and finish hair

They will learn how to carry out Blow-Dry services on both one length and layered hair, achieving root lift, smooth mid-lengths and curl. They will also learn aftercare advice.

3) Basic plaiting and twisting hair

They will learn how to handle hair before learning how to achieve a one strand twist and a fish tail plait.

4) Promote and sell products and services to clients

The Trainee will create a leaflet detailing services and products offered to ensure they gain an understanding of what is available in Hairdressing Salons & Barbershops.

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