Thank You!

To all of you who sent me such lovely, warm messages of congratulations on the 60th anniversary of my starting date as an Apprentice; it’s proved to be one of the best and longest career journeys ever. Thank you!

We’re hoping to put together a bit of a party next year, my 61st, G-d willing, and I hope you’ll all be able to participate.

I realised during the run-up to this momentous occasion that social media, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram etc., is now so important to all our lives. For our business, especially during lockdown, all the enquiries regarding our courses, online work done by our Team and all the rest of the stuff we had to deal with would have been impossible without it.

Personally, it meant that I could share my celebration with all the great people I’ve met over the very many years I’ve been involved with in the best industry in the world.